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15 monoglycosides from bilberry

The components in the mixture are natural colorants found in bilberries and other fruits and flowers. They are produced from natural sources (extraction processes). The product will release hydrochloric acid in water. The product is hygroscopic.

Netweight is 1000mg. The product belongs to the anthocyanins which is a class of natural chemicals belonging to the flavonoids.  It is highly water-soluble and is easily degraded by hydrolysis and /or hydrogenation at temperatures >40°C.

The product shall be dark red /purple in colour, and shall normally be powdered.

The product has a purity >97% as detected by high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) connected to UV /Vis detector at 280nm and 520nm. The rest is impurities of other anthocyanins, flavonoids or polyphenols.

The product should be kept in darkness and at low temperatures for storage more than a few days (< -5°C).

This product is intended for research in chemical laboratories. Only qualified individuals shall be considered treating this product. The purchaser should recognize that the supplier of this product under no circumstances is responsible for the applications of the product in the field of human or animal consumption or tests related to human or animal health. The supplier is not responsible for this product as part of drugs, cosmetics, food additives, products for domestic use or veterinary products. The purchaser is responsible for the use and storage of this product as soon as he receives the product.

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