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Business Potential

Obviously, the dramatic increase in knowledge about the superior biological effects of anthocyanins provides a wide potential area for drug development and even for food supplement development.

However, the Biolink Group with its limited resources (compared to the pharmaceutical industry) has decided to concentrate on its three main pharmaceutical pillars (Chronic Inflammation, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer Inhibition) for the time being.
In the US, as an example to illustrate business potential, in the year 2000 more than 80,000,000 people were treated for inflammatory diseases. About 500,000 of these people suffered very severe side effects from their drug treatment. 100,000 were hospitalized due to their use of inflammation drugs, and 20,000 of these people died due to severe medical side effects and complications (Ref: US Arthritis Foundation 2001). These are dramatic figures that seem to be on the increase around the world.

The cost of drugs to treat inflammatory diseases in USA in the year 2000 amounted to more than $60,000,000,000. If an equal level of inflammatory treatment was applied worldwide, it would result in a total amount of money for drug use in this area of more than $360,000,000,000.

It is not necessary to include the business potential in the areas of cancer and cardiovascular to demonstrate the enormous business potential of the Biolink Group.

On top of this, the international business potential for Medox® could also add a notable amount of dollars to the business potential for the Biolink Group in the years to come.

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