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Clinical studies

Since 2001, Biolink Group has been doing clinical studies on its professional nutrition supplement product Medox®. Clinical studies has taken place at university hospitals and universities in both Norway, EU, Asia and USA. Medox® is now a very well clinic documented product being approved for the Norwegian, Swedish and US-market.

In parallel with the clinical studies on its professional nutrition supplement Medox®, Biolink Group`s own research team has been performing basic research, synthesizing the most important anthocyanins. These are molecules carrying an orthodihydroxyphenyl structure making them extremely biological active.

In addition to clinical studies  on absorption into cells of the biologic active anthocyanins, Biolink Group also has a research team designing the metabolites transformed from natural anthocyanins into synthetic copies. .

Patents  has been filed on these synthetic molecules for industrial medical applications. At the moment three different areas of medical applications are clinically studied in university hospitals and universities in Norway,  EU,  Asia and USA. These three areas are : 1) Chronic Inflammation, -a medicine platform within inflammatory related diseases; 2) Cancer Impeding Medicine ; 3) Blood Hypertension Medicine.

The basic research and development of synthetic molecules has been going on for more than  5 years. The synthetic molecules are in the process of being scaled up to fit into  industrial mass production. The aim in the near future is being able to deliver both synthetic Cyanidin-3-Glucopyranoside(BSC3G) and Delphinidin-3-Glucopyranoside(BSD3G).

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