How to order:

Pure products

Polyphenols AS can at the moment provide 36 different products in various amounts.

All products produced by Polyphenols AS have been extracted from natural sources. The sources include a various plants, fruits and berries.

All products (except from mixtures) produced by Polyphenols AS have a HPLC purity above 97%.

All products except from mixtures are available as 10 mg samples. Most products are available as 50 and 100 mg as well.

Products may on request be delivered in larger amounts. 

Inquiries about new products or special requirements are welcome.

Polyphenols AS,  Hanaveien 4-6,  4327 Sandnes, NORWAY - phone: +47 4695 3900 - fax: +47 5167 4150 -
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