How to order:

Shipment, currency and prices

Please read before ordering.



The products are shipped all over the world. The shipment cost is in the range NOK 500-1000 depending on which country you want the product to be shipped to.


All shipments are done with DHL, and you may of course use your own account or courier if you want to do so. Please include your account number and which courier you want us to use in the order sheet. 





Polyphenols Laboratories AS is a company based in Norway, and all our products are listed in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).


If you want to find out what the price is in another currency, please follow the link to the currency converter. The link is placed next to each product.


PLEASE NOTE! The final price will be dependent on the currency rate between NOK and the respective currency at the day of exchange.





There is already added a discount to all products with 50 mg or more.


Total price of the order does not include VAT or shipment. The exact cost of shipment will be notified in the order confirmation sent by us.


Polyphenols AS,  Hanaveien 4-6,  4327 Sandnes, NORWAY - phone: +47 4695 3900 - fax: +47 5167 4150 -
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