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Pharmaceutical research and development

Single pure anthocyanin molecules for clinical research

Since1998 the Biolink Group has provided high-quality, pure, natural molecules to clinical medical research all over the world. The company’s anthocyanins have become a standard for this type of molecules. The Biolink Group supplies research molecules to universities, hospitals and biotech companies in 42 countries and more than 30 states in the US. The key to the company’s success is quality, quality and once again, quality.

By virtue of this long-term relationship with the international research community, the Biolink Group has become a world leader on anthocyanins and other polyphenols used in pharmaceutical research. Most university hospitals, universities and other research organisations in the world, performing clinical, medical research on anthocyanins an polyphenols, are found in the Biolink Group customer base.

Export of product

The size of anthocyanins enables them able to penetrate cell walls and the blood-brain barrier. (Cyanidin 3ß-Glucopyranoside: 484g/mol.

Since 2005, our scientists have clinically studied the penetration and metabolization of orally administered anthocyanins (Medox®/MP865®). Alongside the size of the molecule, finding anthocyanins and their metabolites in plasma and urine less than one hour after being swallowed and in urine more than eight hours after being swallowed is fundamental for the
potential pharmaceutical applications.

Synthesized Anthocyanin Molecules

In the period from 2000 to 2006, the Biolink Group was the only company in the world to synthesize and patent the two most important anthocyanins: Cyanidin 3 Glucopyranoside (BSC3G) and Deplhinidin 3 Glucopyranoside (BSD3G) for pharmaceutical industrial applications.

Before manipulation, these molecules are identical copies of the natural ones. For this reason, they also might have a large potential as functional food additives and as vet medicine..

As both of these two molecules carry the hydroxy bindings on their B-ring, they have so far proven to be the two strongest biologically active molecules of all 539 members of the anthocyanin family.

The industrial up-scaling of the synthetic Biolink Group molecules has posed significant challenges, but is moving steadily forwards. The pharmaceutical research and development of drugs in the Biolink Group based on its own synthesized anthocyanin molecules is mainly concentrated in three areas:

Chronic inflammation; “Related to 90% of all chronic diseases”. Most currently available drugs have unacceptable, serious side effects

Cardiovascular hypertension; A growing health problem around the world. Many drugs are available, but most of them have unwanted, significant side effects

Cancer inhibition; A huge health problem, suffering from both ineffective drugs and drugs with many unwanted side effects.

Anthocyanins do not seem to entail any significant and heavy side effects. Before manipulation to increase effectiveness, the Biolink Group’s synthetic anthocyanin molecules are identical to their natural counterparts. The main difference is that it is economically feasible to produce the synthetic molecules in large volumes for medical applications (and even as functional food additives if proven to have absolutely no side effects).

The Biolink Group’s researchers believe that the documented non-toxic effects of natural anthocyanins contribute to a shorter lead time to the market for drugs based on such synthesized “mirror” molecules.

Anthocyanins have long since been assigned E-numbers (E-163), and are approved internationally as general possible additives to functional food.

In order to semi-perform Phase I and Phase II trials on the Cyanidin and Delphinidin molecules, the Biolink Group has developed MP865®. This is the pure natural anthocyanin complex containing a calculated amount of more than 90% Cyanidin and Delphinidin.

Accepting the fact that the two target molecules are not 100% pure, but appear in an anthocyanin mixture with 10% other anthocyanins, makes it ethically possible and economically feasible to apply MP865® in volumes for larger human studies.
Being available in large amounts, and containing only non-toxic natural molecules, MP865® is designed to significantly shorten some of the long-term test phases in drug development. However, the Biolink Group’s synthetic anthocyanin molecules BSCyanidin-3G (BSC3G), and BSDelphinidin-3G (BSD3G) are the final platforms on which the drugs are developed.

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