How to order:

Suggested procedure for submitting samples

 1. Clearly label and identify each of the samples. Submission may be made either on your company’s letterhead, or on your company’s purchase order, or by e-mail including a letterhead. Please include identification, written instructions, and a list of analyses to be preformed for each sample.

2. Package and shipping of samples should be as fast as possible. For perishable samples: Freeze and ship in dry ice if possible. Please try to ship the samples early in the week so the samples do not arrive in the weekend.

3. Please provide representative samples of the products to be analysed (our results apply only to the samples we receive). Additional information regarding estimation of qualitative and/or quantitative sample content may be very helpful.

4. Contact (phone or e-mail) Polyphenols AS if assistance is needed.

Polyphenols AS,  Hanaveien 4-6,  4327 Sandnes, NORWAY - phone: +47 4695 3900 - fax: +47 5167 4150 -
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